Our wedding party

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Holly's attendants
  • Morgan Wichert, Bridesmaid
    Morgan and Holly have been friends since they were in the second grade. Their friendship has truly stood the "test of time" and Holly couldn't imagine a wedding day without Morgan by her side.
  • Staci Curry, Bridesmaid
    Staci and Holly met in 2009 while they were both in college at OSU. They both quickly realized they had a lot in common and their personalities complimented each other perfectly.
  • Mika Webb, Bridesmaid
    Mika and Holly have known each other since they were young. They attended the same high school, though not at the same time, and ended up becoming much like sisters when they were each dating one of the Webb brothers. Although neither of those relationships lasted, Holly and Mika are still very close today.
  • Emily Greening, Bridesmaid
    Emily and Holly met early in 2012 when Holly started visiting Nebraska to see Bryson. Emily, Bryson's cousin, was very welcoming to Holly and they quickly became friends. Holly likes to go to Emily for advice, especially when it comes to Bryson. :)
Bryson's attendants
  • Daine Rahmann, Best Man
    Brother of the groom
  • Matt Thomsen, Groomsman
  • Blake Steinkruger, Groomsman
  • Brooks Keiser, Groomsman
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